Our Story 


Our grandfather, Adolfo “Pop” Spadoni, was born in 1914. He spent his entire life in Cohoes. He worked in local greenhouses and had a natural green thumb. As a full-blooded Italian, Pop appreciated authentic Italian food and vacations to Italy.


We grew up next door to Pop and he was always an important part of our daily lives. Some of our favorite childhood memories center around Pop: teaching us to work in the garden, fixing anything with duct tape, or even calling us “puddin’ head”.  Daily rides to school meant climbing into his bright yellow 1965 Mercury Comet. Pop’s favorite color was green and he never wore shorts.  Pop had the largest hands anyone had ever seen, with a size 17 pinky ring. Pop never felt pain: squashing bees with his fingers was a normal occurrence. He even smashed his hand with a sledge hammer and insisted on continuing his work without making a fuss.


Pop was stubborn at times, but he always displayed strong values and a gentle heart. He worked us into the ground, which only led us to appreciate and admire him more deeply.


Pop was the hardest worker that we have ever known. He openly shared his life knowledge and work ethic. But without a doubt, the most important lesson that Pop instilled was the importance of family. We are honored to dedicate POP’S PIZZA in his memory.

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